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What Users Expect

Your written content can either establish you as the expert in your field or cause you to get lost in the sea of generic waffle that is all around the internet. Well written content attracts visitors and establishes a meaningful connection with your customers; without it, you may attract people to your site through other methods but converting them to customers is a losing battle. The written content on your site should be at the forefront of your sales and marketing plans because it is this which tends to be the defining point of the customer journey.

What makes for good content

Content is not only important for users; Google and other search engines see your content as the best method of matching you with your customers’ needs and intent. This is why, at Firebrand, we target both readers and search engines with the most up-to-date methods of optimization which first brings people to the site and then converts them to customers.

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Creating content can be hard work and time consuming. Your content needs to appeal to your target audience, have a mix of images, video and interactive content and show your brand is across topical issues. Your customers want valuable content from your business. By honing in on effective content marketing, you can improve brand awareness, increase conversions and boost revenue. 

We know content marketing is a continuous process, which is why we want to be with you every step of the way. The most important part is to choose the right channels, share the most relevant messages and make meaningful connections. We are storytellers here at Firebrand Digital and we know how to grow brands by creating content which resonates with your target audience. We produce content which is tailored to your business and the results you want to achieve. From your website to blogs and social media, we’ll help you find the right words and get that continuous stream of leads. 

Whether you want us to write content from scratch or optimise your current content, we can do it all. After researching, we’ll put together a draft of content and consult you to see if we’re meeting your goals. If we are, we will triple check to make sure the copy is correct, relevant and impactful so it is easy to peruse and guaranteed to make a statement with your target audience. With good quality content, we can communicate your value proposition and engage customers into your brand. 

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