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Building an e-Commerce store involves a variety of different elements that a normal website doesn’t need. The purpose of an e-Commerce store is to sell products or services online while most business websites aim at gaining leads, contacts, branding and informing customers. At Firebrand, we believe in creating e-Commerce sites that work and convert to sales. Below you will see some information on how we work and believe good e-Commerce sites should be created.

Consulting advice for e-Commerce

When designing your e-Commerce store, it is necessary to consider and plan all stages of the customer journey. This ensures that you don’t “lose” customers along the way, before they complete their purchase. The journey usually includes the following:

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Our e-Commerce Process

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Landing Pages

What page will your customers land on? It is preferable for customers to land on a page that is relevant to what they are looking for. Through SEO, and paid Google and Social Media ads, it is possible to control what page they land on. However, for those who land on the Home or other pages, it is vital that they can navigate to the product or service they are interested in within 1-2 clicks/taps. Good design on this element will ensure your site’s success; failure to design optimally will undoubtedly make it more difficult to make sales.

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Product/Service Page

Depending on the size of your site, the specifics of your product/service and other factors, it will be seldom that your customer will land on the exact page for the product they want to buy – they may come through blog posts or other means. However, as mentioned before, if the page they land on is designed well, they can reach the specific Product/Service page easily. Your product/service page should then be focused on closing a sale. Ideally it will have all relevant information, as well as images and videos, well laid out using clear language with pricing clearly shown (see more below). The purchase button should be prominent and if possible, a call-to-action which encourages the customer to buy immediately should be included.

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Checkout & Payment

Many sites lose customers at this point as they believe that the customer will complete the process regardless of how easy/difficult it is. This is completely incorrect and it is shown that a smooth and easy to use checkout process with secure payment options increases sales exponentially. While this step doesn’t make a difference to how the site looks, it improves the customer’s experience and this is as important as every other consideration.

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Product Listing Creation

Creating a good product listing results in more sales – it is as simple as that. At Firebrand, we believe in working on the 3 main elements of a product or service to ensure your products are showcased in the best possible way. This means looking at the product holistically and taking all elements into account. We offer these elements as individual services or collectively; whatever suits your needs:

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Product Descriptions

Creating a good product description takes more than a basic explanation of a product. It needs to entice the customer and sell the product/service. It should have a length (number of words) based on the price, quality and complexity of the product – a packet of basic pens can have a short description while a laptop computer will take considerably more. The description should also include most if not all technical information to ensure the customer doesn’t need to navigate away from the Purchase button but can make an informed decision quickly.

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Product Photography & Video

Making your products look their best should be a basic consideration for an e-Commerce store but there are many stores which compromise on quality for the sake of speed or price. By using a quality photographer and videographer, your products can look even better than they do in reality. Having a variety of angles can also help the process and will reduce returns based on misunderstandings.

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Product Upload, Layout & SEO

Ensuring all elements of the products are uploaded and laid out properly, and in keeping with best practice SEO is a vital part of creating a product showcase. This ensures that the hard work and cost of creating the content is worthwhile. Using modern SEO techniques, your product may show up in search results over time.

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