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What makes a good website

Designing and developing a website can be a complex process. You need to ensure the right components are integrated and you have a website which is aesthetically pleasing in order to generate conversions.

Firebrand Digital possesses the programming and design skills to provide your brand with a professional platform which will attract visitors, load at high speeds and work flawlessly on every platform.

Responsive website design is critical in presenting a consistent brand image across all devices, whether that’s on a small screen or a large screen. Each website we design is fully functional, 100% responsive and optimised for SEO to ensure that the user experience of your visitors is maintained.

Working on graphic design

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Our Design & Branding Process


Logo Design

Your logo is often the first thing people see when approaching your premises or visit your website. It needs to be appropriate for your industry and also be memorable. After an initial consultation, we will design some mockups along with examples of how the logo will look on various materials. This can help you visualize your new logo and enable you to decide if it needs to be tweaked or redesigned. We are happy to discuss all elements including colours, shape, typography/font and anything else at any stage of the design process.



Your branding is essential to your business. Having branding which is attractive and communicates your business ethos and industry can dramatically improve your business prospects. Having an overall and consistent brand message and colours makes your business stand out as being professional and interesting as well as making you memorable. These factors alone will add an extra impetus to everything else you do and affect every interaction with clients, suppliers and the general public. It is known that branding will even have a major impact on the likelihood of gaining investment and credit facilities.


Graphic Design

Whether you need graphics for your website, brochure, social media posts or anything else, we can create elements that stand out and deliver your message on point and on brand. Using the principles of good graphic design - Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity - we create visually appealing graphics which make a big impact wherever they are used. No matter the task, our team will ensure the result reflects your needs and appeals to your target audience.


Message Development

What is your company message? Nowadays every company needs to consider what they want their customers to think of when they see the branding or speak to their staff. It is imperative that the message is simple to understand butin enough depth to be meaningful. It may be as simple as - We do the best donuts/coffee/houses - but often it is about far more than the product or service. At Firebrand, we discuss your dreams, goals and ideals for your business and how to communicate this. We then advise on how to achieve staff/employee buy-in for the concept to ensure a consistent and powerful message. Your message is important - it says a lot about your business!

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