Why should you choose a small digital agency for your business?

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Bigger is not always better when it comes to marketing. Outsourcing your marketing may be the right choice for you, but what type of agency should you hire? A big agency can be tempting, especially if your company is large. A big marketing agency isn't always the best option for your business.

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A larger agency provides a less individualised, personalised experience than a smaller agency. Also, if you are a small fish in a big pond (i.e., not a big-retainer client for them), then your account may suffer from undue neglect.



Personalised service is a major challenge that many larger agencies struggle with. Getting one-to-one attention from an agency means getting to know the people who work on your account, getting to know the team, developing a solid relationship, and having an agency that knows your business inside-and-out. 

Besides knowing everything you need to know about the current campaign, your point of contact is also likely to have a direct hand in the campaign. Consequently, you receive expert advice and tailored services. It’s always better to work with a smaller agency since they will always put you first. You will receive the attention you deserve.


Smaller agencies care more about your success since they want to keep your business, build their reputation, and assist you in achieving results. Their goal is to keep happy customers who keep recommending them to others. 

A smaller agency gains more from your success because your account matters more; your retainer represents a larger percentage of revenue than a larger company, meaning that your business is proportionally more significant to them. 

Bigger agencies will naturally prioritize their large-retainer accounts, so you have less incentive to make sure you stay with them if you are not one of those accounts.


It is often simpler and less complicated for smaller agencies to approve and make decisions because the decision maker is most likely personally involved in your account. 

The result is an increased speed and flexibility for you as a client. Unlike small agencies, large agencies often take a long time to adapt, since changes require approvals and paperwork.


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