Online Marketing Solutions as Ireland Reopens for Business

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As many Irish businesses reopen this week, we at Firebrand Digital feel it is an opportune time to discuss some simple ideas for marketing your business online.

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With some hospitality reopening today (2nd June) and a wider selection of businesses opening their doors again on Monday, there is a sudden realization among business owners that they need to consider marketing and advertising again after such a long break. We have found that in the past couple of weeks, many businesses want to get something quick done to start attracting people from the moment they open. This is a good idea of course and in this post we want to advise you on methods that will be effective for your business. There are many options out there and choosing what suits your business best is important. Here are some ideas:

Google AdWords – Advertise on Google 

This method can be very effective literally the same day you start so that is a clear advantage over many others. We find this method particularly effective for local businesses who want to get their name out to the public in their area. As you can select what kind of people to target and crucially, their location, you can start attracting relevant customers in your locality. It is important to understand how to create good ads and to understand the way it works – AdWords is easy to set up but it is also easy to spend a lot of money badly. We suggest that you either take the time to understand how it all works or have someone advise you or manage your account.

Social Media Marketing (1) – Advertise on Facebook, Instagram and others

Similar to AdWords, advertising on social media has a lot of advantages in that it can be relatively easy to get started. However, it is again important to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. With different social media you will attract different audiences and the approach you take should be different too. This type of advertising is excellent for creating awareness of your company both in a locality and further afield. Reaching out to your specific audience on social media should always be done in a “social” way – this means unobtrusive, easy to identify, to the point and if appropriate, with a clear “call to action” to motivate people to engage with the post.

Social Media Marketing (2) – Unpaid social marketing

This method is based on creating social media accounts for your business and creating content to engage users and in a sense, let them get to know you and your business. This can be a difficult and time consuming task, but when it is done well, it can be exceptionally effective. Once you build up a following of engaged users, you can then spread news of any new products, services or developments with a short time and with a low cost. It is important to remember to create and share engaging content. Nobody wants to constantly receive info on your products or services – it’s too much like being “sold to”. Instead, create a balance where you create posts which are of interest to local people, funny, thought-provoking and distinctive. This can build trust and loyalty from your followers and when the time comes for you to share an occasional promotional post, they will accept it and even engage and share it! Having a dedicated social media manager can be a worthwhile investment but do consider results can be longer term. For a more immediate impact, you could combine this with paid ads too. Outsourcing your Online Marketing Efforts You are likely to be busier now than you have been in 18 months. Perhaps you don’t have the knowledge or time to spend learning these methods. Having a professional team manage your AdWords and/or social media can be the difference between successful campaigns and wondering what went wrong. 

At Firebrand, we have a range of services and skills available to ensure your campaigns run smoothly and successfully, as well as developing your business’ online presence over time. Contact us today to discuss your goals with no obligation.

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