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The difference between UX and UI design

There is a difference between UX and UI. User experience, or UX, refers to how a user feels while interacting with a service or product. UI stands for ‘user interface’ and is used to describe the ways in which people interact with digital products. What exactly does that mean? To learn more about UX and UI, keep reading. 

Web design

Why knowing your website audience matters

When it comes to starting a new website project, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful. Knowing your audience can be really helpful in answering every question that comes up during this project. What is the target audience for the new site? What are they looking for? The rest of the project seems to fall into place once you define your target audience for the new website.

Web design

Why you need a modern and professional website

Nowadays having a website is a real necessity. A business without a website is like a hotel without rooms, a home without kitchen, a hospital without nurses and doctors. Having a simple and not professional website is not enough if you want to thrive.

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